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How Do I Sell Digital Products Once I Purchase?

Once you make a purchase from PLR Wholesales the only thing you'll need is a place to start selling your digital goods. You can sell directly from your website, or use a platform like Sellfy (CLICK HERE). After testing many different platforms online, Sellfy is #1 hands down. Try it for FREE, then get 10% off when your plan begins by using discount code: PLRWholesales

Do I Purchase An Ebook Only Once To Resell Forever?

YES, you only have to purchase the item that you'd like to start reselling ONCE. For example, if you spend $7.99 on an ebook you don't have to ever purchase that ebook again, but you can continue to sell it for an unlimited amount of times. 

How Soon Will I Receive My Item After I Purchase?

Instantly! After you make your purchase, your digital items will be available for download immediately.

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